Deconstructed Rhubarb White Chocolate Ginger Cheeesecake

May 12, 2010

On the weekend, I made my last visit to St. Lawrence Market before I fly back home next Thursday. Spring is here and there were many spring vegetable at the market. I was planning to get some fresh spring vegetable that will last during my last week here.  Lucky me, I got there just in the right time and finally found fiddleheads. I have heard about it quite sometimes, but I haven't seen them around before. So, I bought them back and made a quick sauteed with ginger, garlic and balsamic for the dinner. My first experience  with fiddleheads was great. I like them. They do taste like asparagus. There were a lot of rhubarb at the market. Since this will be hard to find in the future, I decided to buy some back home. I was confused by the two different looks of the rhubarbs ( Forced vs. Field ). I ended up bought the normal one since that was the type that I used when I made strawberry-rhubarb pie last year with my best friends using their home grown rhubarb.

When I was at the market, I was really sure what I was going to make. Rhubarb-Strawberry Pie? Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp? These sounds great, but I want to make something different this time. I have no oats and no flour, so a pie or a crisp is not one of the options for me. But then, I came across this no-baked white chocolate ginger cheesecake recipe from The Good Mood Food Blog. So, I thought this would go really well with my rhubarb! I played around with the plating of this deconstructed rhubarb white chocolate ginger cheesecake. You can serve them on a plate as I did the picture above or serve them in little gars or shot glasses. The white chocolate cheesecake is very rich. A small serving of this would be perfect at the end of the dinner. I love how the tartness of the rhubarb lightens up the whole dessert. Since no baking is involved, this is a perfect dessert to make during the hot summer days. I also recommended making each component ahead and assemble right before serving, so that the ginger crust would not get soggy.