Things iLove - Rice Field & Dragon Fruit Farm Edition

July 16, 2010

Yesterday, my parents and I took a drive to Ratchaburi Province which is 2 hours drive from Bangkok. There are many rice fields along the way, so we stopped to take some photos. We also stopped by at dragon fruit farm too.


Rice field and a Cow
(We found two cows standing on the sideroad eating grass. He was looking at me like 'why you are calling me and taking my picture?')

Rice field and Another Cow

Closed Up Rice Plants
(Harvest time is almost here. The color of the rice plants is starting to change from green to golden yellow. Lovely!)

(standing at the top of the tree protecting the nest)

Dragon Fruit Farm

Red & White Dragon Fruit at Farmer's Stand
(There are two types of dargon fruit. The white one is sweeter and the red one has a little bit of tartness.)

Apricot Jam Thumbprints & Carrot Cake Cookies

July 14, 2010

Sorry for my disappearing for couple weeks. However, I'm back with 2 yummy recipes for you!

Baking cookies is my most favorite thing to bake and also eat. After looking at my recipe index, I feel I haven't posted much of cookie recipes on here. So today I have two yummy cookie recipes for you.

First one is Apricot Jam Thumbprints. These thumbprints cookies are a little bit different from the normal thumbprints that I made before. It's dipped in egg white and rolled in ground almond-sugar mixture. So, the cookies have crunchy texture on the outside. I like this version of thumbprints better because of the crunchy almond.

The second recipe is Carrot Cake Cookies. If you like carrot cake with yummy cream cheese frosting, you will love this recipe. This Martha's carrot cake cookie recipe has carrots, oats, spices, and raisin in it. I think the recipe is already great and the cookies do taste like carrot cake. However, I might add shredded coconut and some nuts when I make this again next time. I think they will be even better.

Hope you all enjoy them!

Things iLove - Home Edition

July 10, 2010