Homemade Milk Bread

October 1, 2011

One type of the bread that I heart is Asian-style bread. The texture is different from the western-style bread. It has a softer texture both the outside (the crust) and the inside. It does have a sweeter taste. Perfect for toasting. Crushy a little bit but still soft and chewy. One of the technique that I found when making the Asian-style bread soft is " Tangzhong Method". It's a mixture of bread flour and water, cooked on the stove to get a thick paste. This paste keeps the bread moist. So, you end up with a softer bread. It is added into the wet mixture when making. This is my first time of making this Homemade Milk Bread. I would say it's the softest bread that I have been making so far and I'm very much loving it. I got this recipe and adapted into a hand-kneadling method. It turned out very well.

Well, it's time for you to try now!