Homemade Mixed Seed Bread

September 4, 2011

Finally, my bread making skill is getting improved. In the past, I always ended up getting a heavy dry hard bread. Recently, I found a place where I can learn how to make bread. So, I decided to take a bread making class couple weeks ago. Even thought it was only 2-day classes, but it was worthed. The class was all about bread making by hands. So, everyone can go home and can easily make bread at home. So, this weekend I tried to make bread again. Ta-da! It worked! I finally get a nice soft bread and it doesn't have weird smelling too. This Homemade Mixed Seed Bread is perfect for breakfast. I added black and white sesame seeds, sunflower seends and pumpkin seeds in it. They gave a nice little crunchy and are good for health too! Now, I feel that making bread is not as hard as I think anymore!