Beijing & Hong Kong Trip 2011 (Part I)

March 19, 2011

I'm appologize for my absence and my very late photo update on my Beijing and Hong Kong Trip back in February. I have been very busy at work and pretty much have no time to do anything on weeknights and for the last weekend I was away for the business trip to Samui too. Anyhow, let get started!   
Flower Market @ Victoria Park
I took so many pictures during my trip, so here are some of the highlight that I would like to show you guys. I was in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year. It was wonderful! I got to experience and learn lots of new things regarding what people in Hong Kong do and prepare for their New Year's. Above are pictures from the "Flower Market @ Victoria Park". One of the must-do things for the Chinese New Year is to go to the flower market. It is their tradition to go to the flower market and pick up lovely flowers such as orchids, orange trees, daffodils, Nipple Fruits (lower left), peach blossom and many more. The bloomings of the flowers symbolize prosperity and fortune. That's why all Hongkongers buy lots of flowers to decorate their houses. 

The Must-Eat HK Snacks
Of course, my HK trip is always like a non-stopped eating marathon. Above are the must-eat snacks that you need to try when you're in HK. Starting from the top left (clockwise): "traditional candy & coconut wrap", "egg custard tarts", "HK style egg waffles" and "HK milk tea". I wish I could get all of these right here in Bangkok. Even though we have something that are similar,but nothing is better than the ones from the origin.
Tai O Fisherman Village
If you have one free day to spend, I recommended you to go visit "Tai O fisherman village" ( the oldest fisherman village in HK) and also "the Big Buddha" on the same day. Since we were there during the Chinese New Year, there were TONS of people visiting the big buddha. So, we weren't able to take the 360 cable car to the top of the mountain, instead we took the bus. It was a bumpy ride since we have to travel ups and downs the hills. I almost got sick on the bus, but fortunately to be able to get the front row seat later on. It was a closed call.

The Big Buddha & Lovely Scenery
Another lovely place to visit is "Nan Lian Garden". You will see lovely traditional Chinese architecture in the ancient style of the Tang dynasty and also the Chinese garden. Inside the garden, there is a very lovely vegetarian restaurant called "Chi Lin Restaurant" where you are able to eat delicious vegetarian dishes prepared by using traditional methods. They also have a lovely gift shop if you happened looking for some souvenir or gifts for someone. Next to the Nan Lian Garden, you can also visit Chi Lin Nunnery, another lovely Chinese architecture.

Nan Lian Garden


Allen Sawyer said...

Lovely photos.

Allen Sawyer, Florida

Bette said...

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Kris Ngoei said...

Beautiful shots! I am sure you have had a great time :-) Alright, don't forget to take a break no matter how busy you are, okay?

whisk the pantry said...

Hello Kris! Thanks for the comment. I know I haven't update on my blog for awhile now. I think I need to work harder on this lol.

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