Roasted Pumpkin & Mini Squash Soup

January 25, 2012

My good memory of the pumpkin is not the one in the Cinderella's Story when she turns a pumpkin into a golden carriage, but it is a memory of a dish that was used to serve at lunch time when I was in a elementary school. This nice simple dish is made with pumpkin, eggs, garlic and some seasoning like soy sauce, sugar, and grounded black pepper. I tried to recreate the dish at home many times, but it still doesn't taste as same as the one that I had when I was a child. It is one of those dishes that always gives you sweet memories.  

Pumpkin is one of those vegetable that you can use to cook for both savory dishes and also sweet dishes. Other pumpkin dishes that I like to make are grilled pumpkin dipped with thai sweet chille sauce, roasted pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and last but not least, a thai sweet dessert, boiled pumpkin in a coconut cream syrup. I bet there are many ways you can enjoy with these beautiful sweet yellowy-orangey vegetable that are filled with vitamins and nutritions.

And, I have a very easy recipe for you to enjoy. Roasted Pumpkin & Mini Squash Soup. It is my no-recipe kinda soup. Easy to make and of course delicious! And, don't forget to have it with some crunchy toasty croutons!

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