Homemade Granola

December 11, 2010

My morning hardly starts with a bowl of cereal anymore. There are so many options for breakfast that I can choose here in Bangkok. I can say that typical thai breakfasts always involve with rice. You can have congee with ground pork and ginger, sticky rice with bbq pork or chicken, or even a bowl of rice with curry for breakfast. That's why I barely touch cereal at all. So, this morning I decided to come back to my good old homemade granola. My favourite way to eat granola is just to simply topped on a plain natural yoghurt. That's is how I started my day. Have a good day everyone!

Homemade Granola
(my baking without a recipe!)

1 C Quick cooking oats, toasted
2/3 C Almonds, coursely chopped and toasted
2/3 C Unsweetened coconut flakes, toasted
1/3 C Sunflower seeds, toasted
1 C Mixed dried fruits (your choice; I used dried strawberry, apple, mango, and banana)
1/4 C honey
1/4 C brown sugar
3 tbsp butter
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat the oven at 325F.

In a large bowl, combine oats, almonds, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, and mixed dried fruits. Set aside. In a small sauce pan, combine honey, brown sugar, butter, and salt. Bring the honey mixture to a boil over the medium-low heat. Stir. Let it simmer for 1-2 minutes or until all the butter and sugar are melted. Remove from the heat. Pour the honey mixture over the oats mixture. Mix well. Spread the granola on a baking sheet. Bake for 10-15 mins or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and allow it to cool completely.

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