Tea Time @ Lenotre, Bangkok

December 1, 2010

After spending the whole afternoon checking out furniture stores with my mom around Bangkok's downtown area, we decided to stop at Lenotre at Siam Paragon for our tea break. It was my first time here. I didn't know that there is a Lenotre store existing in Thailand until my previous visiting at Siam Paragon. The place is nice, not too many people at the time.  There aren't many tables offered in the store which might be bad for the weekend traffic. But, I'm glad that I visited on the weekdays, so I can just sit and enjoy the cakes with pots of tea with my mom, without feeling rushed. 

There are so many cake selections. It was hard to decide what I want, believe me. The only negative comment that I have is that there should be a desciption for each cake. It was hard to know what it is inside by just looking at the cake and its name. I did ask the server to explain couple of them to me. Just feel a little bit bad if I have to ask for all of them (lol). So, I ended up ordering the cake called "Emeraude" which is layers of pistachio cake with vanilla bavarian cream in between. At the center of the cake, there is raspberry gelee which is quite tangy refreshing and works very well with the sweet pistachio cake and vanilla bavarian cream.  On the top, they decorated with raspberry coulits, half raspberry macaron and a small piece of chocolate with their signature. For my mom, she ordered this tasty peach tart which is also very good. I also ordered a pot of vanilla rose tea for myself and hers is mint green tea.

Last but not least, I came home with a box of macarons. The flavours are chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, vanilla, and coffee. Surprisingly, it cost 3$ (CAD) for the box! That's pretty good deal!

PS. I can't wait for my next visit!

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